Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Monster's Loose

Guess what we found in our yard? Just the biggest, fattest spider you could possibly imagine. It had put a web across the side pathway. The spider was even considerate enough to place the supports high enough so that Simon could pass underneath it (although if I hadn't noticed it, I could have met this guy face first).

The giant spider awaiting its next victim. (09/29/07)
The giant spider awaiting its next victim. (09/29/07)

Although this pales in comparison to the leaping sugar cane spider that Doris and Jen encountered one night in Hawaii, this spider is still pretty scary. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get photographic proof. We managed to get one shot before it finally got too nervous and fled to safety.

Scary. (09/29/07)
Scary. (09/29/07)

We left the web alone for now. He'll be able to keep his home until Thursday when I have no choice to but clear it out when the gardeners come.


Doris said...

Holy Cow!! Obviously we can relate. Thursday seems like a long time to wait to exterminate. Stay indoors. ;-)

Tom said...

Wow! That spider puts Charlotte to shame. When she saw you coming did she write any messages for you like: "Some Pig"? =)