Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Good Sunday With Jon

We visited Jon again Sunday and were impressed at his improvement since he was first hospitalized. He was sharp, remembered most things we quizzed him on, and was eager to start working again (almost too eager ... we kind of had to encourage him to focus on getting better first). But it was great seeing him at almost his normal self.

Jon enjoys a burrito from Baja Fresh. (09/16/07)
Jon enjoys a burrito from Baja Fresh. (09/16/07)

In terms of next steps, there's a couple of things going on. You've already read about the dispute between Amy and the insurance company. They want to send him to a nursing home. She wants to send him to where he can get better care and speech and cognitive rehabilitation therapies. Let's hope Amy prevails.


Tom said...

Keep up the good fight, Amy!! Jon looks great, I know the healing powers of a good burrito at Baja Fresh and it looks like that one in Jon's hand is doing the trick! Here's hoping he get's better soon so he can whip all our asses at "Time's Up!".

grumpy said...

Keep up the good work Jon, I keep you in mind as I too have a lot of time to think right now. Get well !!!

Amy, Good luck with your fight, remember "Non Carborundum est"!