Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Masked Blast from the Past

The strangest of all coincidences happened today while I was at the Ikea in Burbank shopping with Tom and Christine. We ran into an old friend that we had lost contact with at least five years ago: Efren.

Christine, Efren and Tom. (09/16/07).
Christine, Efren and Tom. (09/16/07)

Efren has been a friend of ours since our earliest days in L.A. in 1992 when he used to work at Bullock's with Tom and Christine. He was even a groomsman at Tom and Christine's wedding three years later. Eventually, as life got busier, we saw each other less and less. Pretty soon it was once a year at Tom and Christine's Oscar parties before he ultimately dropped off our radar.

Incidentally, in case you're wondering why he has a painted face, it's because he stopped by the store on his way home from some fundraiser party.

Tom and Christine check out the new Martha Stewart collection at Macy's. (09/16/07)
Tom and Christine check out the new Martha Stewart collection at Macy's. (09/16/07)

The funny thing is the Ikea in Burbank is literally a few steps away from the Bullock's building (now Macy's) where the three of them worked together. If it was 1992, it would be an everyday occurrence to find me shopping with Tom and Christine at that Ikea. And running into Efren would be totally possible.

When you consider that Tom and Christine and I haven't shopped there together in at least a dozen years made this reunion all the more amazing!


Tom said...

I know, the only thing that would have made our day complete was heading off to our old stomping grounds, The Black Angus for drinks and dancing with the rest of the Bullock's Burbank crew! Yee-haw!

James & Tim said...

Yeah, who's got Tiffany's number? Hopefully she's recovered from that embarrassing fall at the Bullock's Christmas party at the Castaway.

Melissa said...

Don't forget all my man-hungry Expressly Portraits friends!

Tom said...

Ha! Expressly Portraits! What a total Leonard! I think we should all go down there and have Melissa take some glamour shots of us with our cats for old times sake. Ha! Remember that disaster...poor cats, poor Melissa!

Wow, what a Leonard that place is!!