Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jon Improving

We went to visit Jon today. He was doing really well. We got there and found him sitting at the picnic table just outside the hospital entry, along with Amy, their friend Tom, Tom's son Dominic and Jon and Amy's dog Flossie (it was Jon's first time seeing Flossie since he was hospitalized more than three weeks ago).

Amy and Jon spend some time outside the hospital. (09/09/07)
Amy and Jon spend some time outside the hospital. (09/09/07)

Jon was taking a well-needed break from hospital food as he was digging into a sandwich from Togo's (#9, turkey and avocado), Jon's favorite. He was walking around quite a bit, although he did get tired easily since he's been accustomed to laying in a hospital bed these past couple of weeks.

We stayed nearly two hours and he was pretty sharp and alert the whole time. He still has a long way to go before recovering 100%, but it was good to see how much he has progressed since the beginning of this whole ordeal.

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