Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tim Officially Turns 40

With so many fun events planned the week before Tim's birthday, the actual date was much more subdued. I was planning on taking Tim to a nice restaurant, but when asked where he wanted to go, he picked Claim Jumper.

Tim with a red velvet birthday cupcake. (09/25/07)
Tim with a red velvet birthday cupcake. (09/25/07)

I know. Claim Jumper is not exactly a five-star place to celebrate your 40th birthday, but Tim was in the mood for their desserts. As always when we go to Claim Jumper, we were so full from dinner that we had to take our desserts home. Later that night I serenaded him with Happy Birthday as he blew out the candle on a red velvet cupcake.

Although it was a quiet night, it was a pleasant close to nearly a week of fun events. Hope it was a great birthday week, Tim!


Doris said...

Wow that cupcake looks great, and so does the dessert!

TIM said...

This was one of my best birthday's ever! I had so many good friends celebrate with me it was wonderful. I'm a very lucky man!