Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jon Leaves the Hospital

Jon is doing great. In fact, it appears he has improved so much that he's now outgrown the treatment and rehabilitation abilities of Kindred Hospital, and beginning today, he will be moving to a skilled nursing facility in Long Beach. We even brought him lunch from Carl's Jr. to celebrate his final day.

Jon and Amy in front of the hospital. (09/29/07)
Jon and Amy in front of the hospital. (09/29/07)

We saw him today. And apart from not being able to remember some names of people and places, he was sharp and agile. In fact had you not known he has been hospitalized, you would never notice.

We're still not sure what the next steps are. The one thing that's known for sure is that his stay at the skilled nursing facility will likely be short term. More on that later.

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Tom said...

Wow...nothing says celebration like Carl's Jr! You big spenders, you...

Seriously, though, fantastic news! We are all rooting for John!