Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

When I woke up Halloween morning, the strangest thing happened. Remember reading about Coffee Matey at Tim's Superhero Summit Birthday Party? Well for some reason, the spirit of Coffee Matey leaped out of Tim and jumped into me this morning. But since it was Halloween, I decided not to bother finding an exorcist and I just went to work that way.

This is the scary face that welcomed trick-or-treaters. (10/31/06)

Our office had a Halloween pot luck (I brought lasagna). Lots of people brought food, but only a handful of people dressed up.

James with a few other costumed co-workers. (10/31/06)

One of the administrative assistants made an awesome cake in the shape of a big spider. The way she did the black frosting made it look like it was covered in fur, like a hairy tarantula. It looked amazing and tasted even better.

One of our office admins made this spider cake from scratch. (10/31/06)

In the evening, we didn't do anything too outrageous with our decorations, since we've been really busy lately. But Coffee Matey stuck around long enough to hand out candy and Play-Doh to the kids. We had 64 trick-or-treaters -- up more than 20% from last year!

James and Tim trick-or-treat at Everett & Manny's new crib. (10/31/06)

After we shut down at 9:00, we popped over to our friends' Everett & Manny's new apartment that they had just moved into days before. We wanted to be their first trick-or-treaters. They weren't actually giving out candy, since they were still moving, so we brought candy and Play-Doh for them.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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