Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Day of the Dead!

Tonight we had our Day of the Dead celebration meal. For those who may not be so familiar with it, Day of the Dead is the ancient Mexican celebration in memory of deceased ancestors. It's a national holiday in Mexico and dates back to the Aztec period when death wasn't considered the end of life, per se, but rather a continuation. It's celebrated every November 1 or November 2, depending on who you ask.

After dinner we made skulls out of Play-Doh. (11/02/06)

On the way home from work, I stopped by the Mexican supermarket to buy all the stuff we needed. We made chicken mole, rice, beans and tortillas. To drink, we bought Jarritos, those Mexican fruit-flavored sodas, and opened a bottle of cabernet. For dessert, we got an assortment of pan dulce . Oh, and we also bought a Pan de Muerto, which is a soft, round bread decorated to look like it has bones on it.

We lit lots of candles for all of our friends and family members that have passed away, and we kept their memories in our hearts as we enjoyed the terrific meal (although we were too full for the pan dulce, which we'll save for breakfast tomorrow).

We had chicken mole, rice, beans, tortillas, jarritos, pan dulce and wine. (11/02/06)

I originally wanted to make sugar skulls, but I didn't really plan for it well and never got around to buying the stuff we need. But we did have some left-over Halloween Play-Doh, so we made out skulls out of that.

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Doris said...

The food looks great! Who else joined you, there is so much of it?