Sunday, November 05, 2006

Amy's Nacho Libre Birthday

We celebrated Amy's 36th birthday Nacho Libre style this year! Although her actual birthday was two weeks ago, it coincided with the camping trip. So we didn't really get a chance to formally celebrate until last night.

Nacho lovers Jon & Amy and James & Tim. (11/04/06)

The theme of the night: Nacho Libre, which is one of Jon and Amy's favorite comedies from last summer. We started with real nachos at Moreno's Mexican Restaurant in Orange, a festive Mexican place that was established in 1969. Afterwards, we gave Amy her gift, which was -- you guessed it -- the recently released Nacho Libre, which we watched.

Although I kind of dozed off here and there, the parts that I saw were really funny. I especially loved the songs that Jack Black would sing. They were hi-larious!!! It was the perfect way to celebrate Amy's birthday.

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