Monday, October 23, 2006

NoCal/SoCal Camping Trip 2006

For the first time in four years, we got the big NoCal/SoCal camping group together for another camping adventure. The location this year was San Simeon State Park, which is approximately mid-way between the Bay Area and Southern California — the perfect meeting choice.

The NoCal/SoCal Camping Group. (10/23/06)

It's been forever since we all got together for camping. The last time was in 2002 in Santa Margarita. We tried again in Big Sur in 2003, but for reasons that I'm not remembering at the moment, the Bay Area side wasn't able to make it. In 2004, Michele was pregnant, which kind of ruled out a camping trip. And in 2005, Liele was just a newborn. Fortunately, 2006 was the year to make it happen.

Lynne poses with Liele on Liele's first ever camping trip. (10/21/06)

The group consisted of Tim and I, our friend Joe, my cousin Shel, her partner Lisa, and their daughter Liele (age 1.5), Shel's brother Ralph, our friend Lynne, her girlfriend Anna (and her dog Tor), our buds Jon and Amy, and some friends of Michele & Lisa: Bridgett & Bob and their daughter Phoebe (age 4).

It was really fun knowing that it was Liele's first camping trip. Hopefully there will be many more.

Here's proof that Tim actually likes kids. (10/21/06)

It was a fun group, and we had a great time. But man, was it cold cold cold! We were all huddled around the fire at night. But it was great weather in the daytime once the morning fog wore off.

Amy and Jon take a break in Cambria. (10/21/06)

Some of us made a few excursions into Cambria, a little town two or three miles south of the campsite. Although it's mostly bed & breakfasts, antique stores and souvenir shops, they actually had a decent grocery store there. So it was a great place to pick up stuff that we forgot to bring.

We saw elephant seals chillin' on the beach. (10/22/06)

Others took the opportunity to go to Hearst Castle, which is three or four miles north of the campsite. Tim, Lynne and I, for example, took the garden tour, which I'll write about in a separate blog entry.

We closed the trip with our traditional Bop-It Extreme challenge where the entire group passes around the Bop-It Extreme, until the last survivor is left standing. In our camping trip to El Capitan last year, I was Bop-It Extreme champ. This time the honors went back to Tim.

Bop-It champs Anna, Lynne and Tim. (10/23/06)

Next year we're talking about doing Yosemite, which would be the first time our NoCal/SoCal group have camped at a national park. From what I've been told, I need to make reservations now! So who's coming with us to Yosemite?

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Anonymous said...

that was the best camping thus far. Let's plan Yosemite !!!
Great blog.
Lisa, Shel & Liele