Saturday, October 07, 2006

Disneyland Annual Passholders Again

When our Disneyland annual passes expired last October, we decided that rather than automatically renew it like we had the previous 5 years, that we would instead take a year off before renewing. And since the first week in October marks the unofficial Gay Days at Disneyland, we figured it would be the perfect day to don red shirts and renew our annual passes.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, back to normal without the 50th Anniversary decorations. (10/07/06)

The only difference this year was we got $154 Southern California Annual Passes, instead of Premium Annual Passes, which at $350 a piece has become too expensive for us. Of course along with the Southern California price comes blackout days, so we won’t be able to go on Saturdays, Holidays or during the month of July. But as the saying goes, the blackout days are the days you wouldn’t want to go anyway, due to the immense crowds.

Wearing our red shirts in the Disney Gallery. (10/07/06)

Another reason we renewed this weekend was because it was the first time in its 51-year history that Disneyland decorated the park for Halloween, and we wanted to check it out. It was all part of Disneyland’s HalloweenTime promotion.

Main street is decorated for Disneyland's HalloweenTime celebration. (10/07/06)

Other highlights included the Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is when Jack Skellington and crew take over the Haunted Mansion that you see the rest of the year. We also finally got to ride the re-vamped Pirates of the Caribbean with the newly-added soundrack and appearances by Jack Sparrow (the pirate played by Johnny Depp).

The "A" in California has been transformed into a giant candy corn. (10/07/06)

I also wanted to go to Tom Sawyer Island, which is reportedly going to be re-made into a Pirate Island in time for the third installment of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise. We didn’t really have enough time to do that today, but I’m hoping to check that out next weekend.

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