Saturday, October 14, 2006

Friday the 13th Strikes Again

I’m normally not superstitious. But ever since a few years ago when I got not only one, but two flat tires on Friday the 13th, I’ve had a touch of Friday-the-13th-phobia. And all day I was expecting something to happen. Other than the sudden rain storm that started with seemingly little notice, I thought we were in the clear.

What we woke up to - a broken pineapple plant. (10/14/06)

It wasn’t until we woke up this morning that we noticed the rainstorm brought down my prized pineapple plant. I’ll admit, the plant had already been leaning for quite a while due to the weight of the pineapple it was growing. But it was the rain that delivered its death blow.

The pineapple today. (10/14/06)

Incidentally, this is the same pineapple we blogged about last May. I’m posting a photo we took last June just to illustrate how much it has grown since then.

The pineapple in June. (06/05/06)

Oh well, at the very least, we can still eat the pineapple the plant grew. Yum yum!

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Amy said...

I got a very small taste of that pineapple, and I must say, the rain did you a favor. It was the most delicious pineapple ever. It was time for it to stop growing and become good eatin. Hence, Friday the 13th is not always unlucky. :O)