Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carolina & Todd’s Wedding Shower

Saturday was also Carolina & Todd’s wedding shower, which was held at the home of Tim’s boss (Carolina is a co-worker of Tim). It was mostly people from Tim’s work, which is one of the reasons why I originally planned not to attend. But after I made Tim come with me to our company baseball night, I lost my excuse to get out of it. Quid pro quo, right?

Carolina and Todd’s wedding shower had these cool custom-branded chocolate bars. (10/07/06)

Actually I ended up having a better time than I expected. Plus, I got to practice my Spanish with Carolina’s parents who flew in from Peru for today’s shower and next week’s wedding. And in case you’re wondering why they look more Japanese than Peruvian, it’s because they are Japanese, at least by heritage. Yet everyone in her family was born and raised in Peru and speak fluent Spanish.

Todd, Carolina and Carolina's parents. (10/07/06)

I got to meet some nice people, like Tim’s co-worker Helena, and Jennifer, the wife of another one of Tim’s co-workers. Both of them were from South Korea originally, and we had lots of fun talking about South Korean culture. And they were quite impressed that I had read about how the government of South Korea is moving the capital from Seoul to a remote part of South Korea (I remember reading something about it in the paper one afternoon).

Tim, James and Jennifer. (10/07/06)

We’re definitely looking forward to the wedding next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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