Friday, September 29, 2006

An Evening With the Halos

In lieu of a company picnic this year, my company instead had baseball night when the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim faced the Oakland A’s. Of course by now the Angels had already lost any hope of playing in the postseason, so it wasn’t exactly a nailbiter. Then again, there was the possibility that Tim Salmon, who was playing his final three games before retiring, might hit his 300th career home run (unfortunately he didn’t).

Tim and James, looking down from the nosebleeds. (09/29/06)

The only downside of the night was that the seats were WAY high up. In fact, our actual assigned seats were in the very top row, so you couldn’t actually get higher. We ended up moving down a row (since we were there with a bunch of my co-workers, we weren’t really paying attention to seat assignments).

In Front of Angel Stadium. (09/29/06)

Despite having lived in Orange County for seven years now, it was only my third ever Angel game (the last time was in 2003 for another company event). I don’t know why we don’t come more often, because every time I had a good time. And the price couldn’t be beat – tickets were paid for by my employer. Plus we got a $10 food voucher to boot (although that pretty much only paid for our sodas). The president of the company even bought me a beer later in the night — and not just any ordinary beer. It was the kind in the plastic cup that lights up!

Angels vs. Oakland A's. (09/29/06)

In the end, the Angels beat the A’s by 6-0. Oh, and there were fireworks afterward too. And I love fireworks!


manny said...

how cool...angels games rule, but u have to root for the dodgers, ok? hehe

Doris said...

Nice headset James!