Sunday, September 24, 2006

Superhero Summit Celebrating Tim's Birthday

To celebrate Tim's birthday — and his obsession with the City of Heroes online game — we summoned our superhero friends to the Tim & James Lair for a superhero summit like no other. About 16 superheroes attended, coming from as far away as San Diego and Santa Cruz, each in his/her own original costume.

Party hosts formerly known as James and Tim. (09/23/06)

The star of the evening was Coffee Matey, a superhero that Tim created for City of Heroes that miraculously came to life for the party. Coffee Matey was once a cartography student who spent a lot of time in coffee shops studying centuries-old pirate maps.

Coffee Matey in City of Heroes. (09/06)

One day he read out loud an ancient pirate oath. At that moment, he felt a tremendous surge of caffeine pulse through his veins, giving him the power to spew fire from his hands, heat the ground around him, and increase the speed of other superheroes during battle.

Coffee Matey in Person. (09/23/06)

The summit organizer was Father Fist, whose pre-ordination name was James. An ordinary parish priest by day, Father Fist turns into a full-force sin fighter at night. A one-time fighter in the Latino boxing circuit, Father Fist was knocked unconscious during a fight. When he awoke, he realized that his fists grew to five times their normal size when he detected sin taking place around him.

Father Fist, with Tennistra. (09/23/06)

Helping with the party was one-time super villain, turned superhero, Mischievous Brat (who at one time went by the name Joe).

Mischievous Brat raises his Smirnoff Ice. (09/23/06)

The first true guests to arrive were Tennistra and Technicia, who in their non-superhero hours, go by the names Doris and Jen. Tennistra gained her powers after a terrible accident with a tennis ball launcher, including the Forehand Fury and the Backhand Blast. Meanwhile Technicia showed off her abilities to teleport between Internet devices and temporarily disable super villain technology.

Technicia and Tennistra. (09/23/06)

A little while later, we encountered Flamingo Flash and Travel Man, whose undercover names are Jon and Amy. Flamingo Flash works to keep things in balance, which is an important skill for someone who spends so much time on one leg. Meanwhile, Travel man comes to the rescue of travelers when they need help.

Travel Man & Flamingo Flash. (09/23/06)

Flamingo Flash and Travel Man also brought along Dominatrix Diva, who uses her womanly wares to fight evil.

Dominatrix Diva. (09/23/06)

We also met Astroglider (aka Everett), who has the power to put any enemies within line of sight immediately into REM sleep. He brought along the Crisco Kid (aka Manny), whose mission is to fight the evil fashion empire known as Project Runway: Moscow, saving the innocent from sweatshops and ensuring that no person is forced to wear stripes on polka dots.

Coffee Matey, Astroglider and the Crisco Kid. (09/23/06)

Next to arrive were Anti-Oxidant (aka Christine), the arch enemy of super villain Free Radical. Although Free Radical wasn't in attendance, his distant relative was. You might know him as The Sneeze (aka Tom), who infects people with his infamous spray bottle of Sneeze Juice.

Anti-Oxidant and The Sneeze. (09/23/06)

Anti-Oxidant and The Sneze car-pooled with the weapons-skilled and home decorating-gifted Home Designator (aka Laura) and her husband, the shield-wielding Book Man (aka Ryan). We were happy to see that they made the journey from their secret lair in Glendale.

Book Man and the Home Designator. (09/23/06)

We also welcomed the Bubble Twins (aka Arik and David), a mysterious duo whose powers are equally mysterious.

The Bubble Twins. (09/23/06)

The Bubble Twins brought along a superhero who non-superheroes might know as Jean, but to us heroes is known as GrimeStopper. Equipped with her super cleansing brush, sponge and bucket, GrimeStopper doesn't just fight grime, she stops it!

The one and only GrimeStopper. (09/23/06)

Among the last to arrive were Double D Defender, whose undercover name is Dana. Equipped with two weapons of mass seduction, Double D Defender probably one of the best battle cries we heard: "Wonder Twin Powers, Lactate!" She brought along husband Flatulence Man, who sometimes goes by the name Eric. Flatulence Man, as you would guess, has the super human ability to turn liquid or solid into gas form, instantly clearing super villains out of the room.

Flatulence Man & Double D Defender. (09/23/06)

Last but not least, we also had a visit from Dark Guardian (aka Jeff), who has the powers of a bat. He also had one of the best costumes there.

Dark Guardian. (09/23/06)

It appeared everyone had a good time, and Coffee Matey got some good birthday presents to boot. In all, it was definitely a super hero summit to remember!


Louise said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Tim!! Looks like it was a great bash. Louise

Anonymous said...

Who is the hot guy Dark Guardin