Saturday, September 09, 2006

11th Annual Mehregan Festival

I work with a lot of Persians at my company, many of whom were involved with the 11th Annual Mehregan Festival, a modern-day take on the ancient Persian autumn festival dedicated to Mehr, the Persian god of light and love. So my co-worker/supervisor Dori and I decided to check it out.

A re-creation of archaleogical finds relating to Cyrus the Great. (9/9/06)

Held at the Orange County Fairgrounds, the festival was part street fair, part history lesson, part concert and part art exhibit. You walked in alongside giant panels of ancient Persian artwork. In the front was a scaled down replica of the giant monument to Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire.

The U.S. Army was a sponsor of the event ... Dori has a thing for men in uniform. (9/9/06).

Dori and I got there shortly after it opened at 11:00 a.m. Although foot traffic seemed slow, I'm told that when you tell Persians to be somewhere at 11:00 a.m., they won't get there until 2:00 p.m. Sounds like us Mexicans. :)

Our co-worker Kamyar, who was working the event, gave us a lift on his golf-cart-like-vehicle. (9/9/06)

We didn't stay too long (we both had plans that afternoon), but we stayed long enough to check everything out, including a bazaar, where we saw a Lotus Smart Toilet Seat demonstration of such features as heated seat, deodorizer, feminine wash and rear wash. There's even one with a remote. Although I did almost lose it when the sales rep demonstrated the motorized nozzle that sends a concentrated stream of warm water into the rectum! We couldn't help giggling a little.

This nice little Korean girl had no qualms about demonstrating the abilities of the Lotus Smart Toilet Seat. (9/9/06)

On that note, it was time for us to get a bite to eat. Dori and I each had a chicken kebab with Persian rice and a grilled tomato. I also got some Persian cucumbers and grapes to share. That was the best part. Afterward our friend Kamyar, who was working the event, gave us a ride on his little golf cart, which was fun. Overall, we were glad we went.

The Persian cucumbers with grapes were really good. (9/9/06)

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Anonymous said...

The whole Mehregan Persian Autume Festival was beautiful, fun and educational. A fun day of love,knowledge and committment.