Sunday, May 01, 2005

Camping at El Capitan: Day Three

Typically, nothing major happens on the third day of our camping trips. We basically woke up, had breakfast (bagels and shmear) and then started packing up.

Usually we take a shower before heading on the road, but today we just decided to be slobs and simply clean up when we get home.

Bop-It Extreme champion Tim preparing for closing ceremonies. (05/01/05)

Of course we had to have our closing ceremonies: One final round of Bop-It Extreme. The way it works is that everyone gets in a big circle and passes the Bop-It, where, depending on what it says, you have to either bop it, pull it, twist it, flick it or spin it. If you screw up, you're outtt!

The circle gets smaller and smaller until you end up with two people (typically Tim and Lisa when we go camping with my cousins). But in a HUGE upset, Tim was the first one out. That's about as unexpected as the Yankees getting creamed by the Red Sox in the ALCS last year.

2nd runner up Everett (left), 1st runner up Amy (right) surround Bop-It Extreme champion James. (05/01/05)

Then Everett was out. Leaving Amy and I in the final two. It was in Amy's hands when instead of flicking it, she twisted it, and handed me my victory on a platter.

Bop-It Extreme Champion
El Capitan, April-May 2005


Butterfly Queen said...

Congrats to the new Bop-It Extreme Champion. I bow down to you...

Loren Javier said...

Like in the movie Gremlins, I have three rules...

1. Never feed me after midnight.

2. Never expose me to sunlight.

3. Never ever get a Bop-It near me. I become obsessed and become a monster.