Thursday, May 26, 2005

Add Us to Your Netflix Friends List

After a four-year hiatus, we've decided to join Netflix again. We used to be members a while back (and loved it), but once we got TiVo, we just never had time to watch DVDs anymore. I think we had the same movies for three months or better before we decided to cancel. But now that a lot of our shows have ended (and now that we've pledged not to take on any new ones) I think we'll have a little more time.

Member of Netflix? Invite us to join your Netflix friends list! (05/25/05)

So if any of you reading this are members, please invite us to join your Netflix friends list so we can share movie reviews, recommendations, etc. (Incidentally, I highly recommend The Warriors, one of the first movies we got. I enjoyed it in my childhood and enjoyed it again as an adult). :)


Loren Javier said...

I was the same way. In fact, I had one DVD for a year. But, I pledged to watch a few DVDs during my weekend while not too many television shows were going on.

PS - God bless TiVo.

Nancy Guerrero said...

I was never a member of Netflix but have joined only $15.95 per month and have enjoyed always having a DVD to watch. I really enjoy your website, I think I live vicariously through both of you. James, I know I am increasing my vocabulary reading your website.