Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Picture's Incredible Journey

After we left Disneyland Park late Sunday morning, we headed to Disney's California Adventure across the way, where I had learned that my picture had been spotted in a pretty incredible place.

How? It all started with the picture you see below. It was taken while waiting in line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disneyland on May 7, 2000. We were there with our friend Steve, who was visiting from Washington DC. It was one of dozens of pictures we took that day, and I never gave it much thought.

Who would have guessed that this five-year-old picture with Mr. Toad would take such a wild ride? (05/07/00)

Fade out. Fade in. It's more than four years later when Disneyland announced its Happiest Faces on Earth program. The program asked Disneyland visitors to submit photos taken at Disneyland during the last 50 years. The photos, they explained, would be used to create mosaics that would be on display throughout Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure during the 50-year anniversary celebration.

Tim stands against a barricade to take a closer look. (05/15/05)

So we went through our digital photo archive, and Tim and I each submitted five photos each (the maximum they would accept). And guess who's photo got used on the Mr. Incredible mosaic?

Look a little closer .... (05/15/05)

That's right ... me and Mr. Toad. We were a little bummed that they didn't pick any of Tim's pictures, but we were kind of excited that they did pick one of mine. And coincidentally, our friend Everett's picture appears just four rows above mine, and over a couple. Everett's roommate Keith is also in this collage, but it's near the top (too far away for us to find).

Just a little bit closer ... (05/15/05)

In case you're wondering, the Mr. Incredible collage was created using 7,772 images (or so the plaque underneath it says ... we didn't actually count them). :)

Even closer ... (05/15/05)

So if you guys go to Disney's California Adventure anytime in the next year or so, be sure to look me up! ;)

Does that guy look familiar? (05/15/05)


Loren Javier said...

OMG! That's SO cool!

Louise said...

You're now part of history - very cool!

Wan Park said...

Hey, COOL!