Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dana & Eric's Luau - 2006

We were thrilled when we learned that our pals Dana and Eric were resuming their annual luau again. We first attended in 2004, shortly after we all went on on that cruise to Alaska. And we had a blast. Due to a number of circumstances, they put their annual luau on hiatus in 2005. But this year they re-started the tradition. And what fun it was!

Four big troublemakers: Christine, Tim, Ann and Nick. (08/05/06)

Mostly it's just a great chance to see a lot of our friends, like Christine & Cassidy, Aric, and Christine's mother Jean. It's the same gang of people with whom we had dinner in March and went wine tasting in May. In addition, we saw some other friends we don't get to see too often, like Nick & Cindy and Ann.

A full tray of Jello shooters, complete with a gummy bear surprise. (08/05/06)

When Dana and Eric have their party, they go all out, including catered food and a full bar — complete with a bartender and busboy. And there are always plenty of Jello shooters to go around. It definitely puts our ghetto parties to shame.

My favorite party guest: Godzilla. (08/05/06)

The crowd is a mix of all sorts of people Dana & Eric know from various places. Many of which I remember from the last time, like Dana's wild friend Debbie who absolutely is the life of the party. Someone even brought their dog, a tiny chihuahua named "Godzilla."

David gives Cindy a lift. (08/05/06)

The party also doubled as Christine's birthday party, who turned 38. She got some great gifts, including a voodoo doll with which she did all sorts of obscene things as Christine usually does.

Christine blows out her birthday cake candles. (08/05/06)

We got there around 5:00 pm and stayed until close to 11:00 p.m. when we couldn't stay awake any longer.

Our hosts: Eric slips Dana a little tongue. (08/05/06)

Of course we were exhausted. But Christine and Eric's mom Jean was just getting started! She's like a kid in a candy store at these types of events.

James and Jean share a Kodak moment. (08/05/06)

We gotta give a big Mahalo to Dana and Eric for throwing such a fun event.


amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Christine!!! Aloha. I still have your CD, one of my all-time favorite hits, "My _______ is Burning." I share it with others from time to time. Thanks for enriching my life with your humor. :O) Hugz.

Butterfly Queen said...

Sorry to have missed it this year. Although, judging by the pics, I wasn't missed too much!