Sunday, August 13, 2006

Desert Turnaround

Tim spent the last week in Tucson, AZ, where he was conducting training. For weeks, Tim was dreading the idea of spending a week roasting in Arizona in the middle of August. He did encounter severe weather, but it wasn’t the weather he was expecting.

It was your typical desert weather ... not! (08/08/06)

Instead of facing unrelenting heat, he faced unrelenting thunder storms! He said it was some of the harshest rains, strongest winds and loudest thunder he’s experienced. He did capture a couple of pictures on his camera phone, like the one shown above.

Tim and Pudgy at Tim's parents' house. (08/13/06)

His plans were to fly black Friday, after which we would get on the road and drive to the undisclosed desert location where Tim’s family lives (to celebrate his grandma’s 86th birthday and parents’ 46th wedding anniversary). But as soon as that red level alert went into affect for air travel, he decided to rent a car and drive to his parents’ house from Tucson.

Gas prices in Arizona. (08/13/06)

I made the drive on Saturday morning to go pick him up and spend the night at his family’s house. Driving across state lines makes me realize how much more we pay for things in California than they do in other parts of the country, like gas. It’s funny how different gas prices can be across state borders … even when the gas stations are merely a couple of miles apart!

Gas prices on the California side of the state line. (08/13/06)

It wasn't a very eventful trip, but it was fun. Happy birthday Grandma Jean and happy anniversary to Tim's Mom & Pop! :)

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