Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebrating Mom's Birthday!

Although my Mom passed away more than five years ago, Tim and I still celebrate her birthday every year with a special dinner. We don’t get all crazy, like bringing out a birthday cake and candles or anything. We just pick a nice restaurant somewhere and enjoy a nice meal in her memory.

Our restaurant of choice this year: Citrus City Grille, in Old Towne Orange. (08/17/06)

Since she loved restaurants, we think it’s a nice way to honor her memory. She would definitely approve of this. The only thing that would make her even happier would be if we used a coupon! :)

Tim enjoys his Grey Goose dirty martini with three olives. (08/17/06)

Although her birthday was yesterday, we postponed our dinner until tonight due to the new release party for work. My mom wouldn’t have minded the delay, since she celebrated all month long! Perhaps that is a tradition that should be passed on from mother to son.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday, mom! from the guy with blue hair (though it's now back to black).


p.s. that grey goose martini looks really good!