Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rockin' Out With Super Diamond

Saw Super Diamond again. In case you've forgotten, they are the most awesomest Neil Diamond tribute band ever. Tim, who has yet to understand the importance of Neil Diamond, skipped out as usual. So I went with my co-worker/supervisor, Dori, who is a fan of The Neil.

Neil Diamond tribute band, Super Diamond, rock Irvine. (08/27/06)

The concert was part of the Sizzlin' Summer Sundays concert series sponsored by the City of Irvine. I had seen them at House of Blues a few times, both in L.A. and O.C., but this was much more of a casual show, lots of families and fewer hard core Neil Diamond fans. But you couldn't beat the price of admission — free!

Rather than pack a lunch, we decided to just get a burger or hot dog at the snack stand that the local high school was sponsoring. While there, Dori pointed out one of the parent volunteers who has a bit of a claim to fame: He invented Doggie Walk Bags, those little blue bags that you see in parks for cleaning up after your dogs. They also come in little plastic capsules to make it easy to carry bags around. All I know is that the hamburger he made was the best freakin' hamburger I've had in a long time.

Inventor of doggy poop bags or not, this guy made a great hamburger. (08/27/06)

The band was great, and this time it was really easy for me to get up front to take some pictures. I even managed to get a picture of the set list they taped to the stage. It included:
  • Desiree
  • Crunchy Granola Suite
  • Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
  • Love on the Rocks
  • If You Know What I Mean
  • Thank the Lord for the Nighttime
  • Forever in Blue Jeans (I hate that song)
  • Cherry Cherry
  • I'm a Believer
  • Shilo
  • Cracklin' Rosie
  • Longfellow Serenade
  • Holly Holy
  • Play Me
  • Song Sung Blue (not my favorite)
  • Soolaimon
  • Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
  • America
  • Sweet Caroline

The Surreal Neal was in top form. (08/27/06)

The only song I wish they had done that they didn't was I Am, I Said. I would have much rather heard that than Forever in Blue Jeans or Song Sung Blue. One of my favorite moments of a Super Diamond show comes during the last song when the lead singer, Surreal Neal, says, "Don't ever let anyone tell you that Neil Diamond doesn't rock." Because we all know he does.

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