Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aquarium of the Pacific Birthday

Our buddy Jon recently had his 43rd birthday. He and his wife Amy invited us to help celebrate his birthday Saturday night, but due to previous commitments (Dana & Eric's luau) we were unable to join them. So instead we celebrated Jon's birthday by going to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

It was our first time at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. (08/06/06)

Jon and Amy had been to the aquarium many times before — in fact, Amy was once a volunteer docent there. But it had been a few years since they were last there. But for Tim and I, it was our first time.

The rarest photogaph in the world: Tim actually touches a live shark! (08/06/06)

We had lots of fun exploring all the different areas. And I was amazed — AMAZED — that Tim actually faced one of his biggest fears and actually touched a live shark! Although he only touched its tail (he wouldn't go anywhere near the head), I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime. (Go Tim!) :)

James feeds one of the Lorikeets. (08/06/06)

We also had fun feeding the lorikeets, which are small, brightly-colored members of the parrot family that enjoy drinking sweet nectar that the aquarium sells in tiny cups. I walked into the lorikeet compound with one of those little cups in hand, and within 30 seconds, a lorikeet had landed on my wrist and began drinking away.

My favorite were the jellies, like these Pacific Sea Nettle, which have tentacles can grow to a length of 12 feet. (08/06/06)

Afterward we got some lunch at California Pizza Kitchen at The Pike, a restaurant and shopping complex in a renovated section of downtown Long Beach. Then we headed back to Jon and Amy's home to help them assemble the barbecue that Jon's in-laws gave him for his birthday. As our birthday gift, we gave Jon a set of barbecue tools that are sure to put him on the road to barbecue master status.

Jon shows off the barbecue accoutrements that we gave him for his birthday. (08/06/06)

We also had a private show by Flossie, Jon and Amy's dog, who will take any stuffed animal and literally disembowel it until there's nothing left but scattered parts strewn across the floor. It may sound sick, but is actually quite entertaining!

Jon and Amy's dog — and Simon's girlfriend — Flossie. (08/06/06)

Happy birthday Jon!


amy said...

that is the cutest picture of flossie ever! sweet photography!

Ginger said...

Wasn't the weather great in Long Beach this weekend? I ate at Gladstones at the Pike on Saturday and stayed with some friends at their apartment one block away. I probably walked right past you and Tim when we left for the day on Sunday at 10:30am! Glad you had fun at the aquariam. :)

Jon LeSage said...

Sweet blog! James you will go down in history as the King of the Social Event Bloggers. Nobody comes close to capturing the images and key moments like you. And thanks for the awesome birthday gifts. We had some amazing chicken breasts the other night - yummie!

Anonymous said...

A Shark??????

Butterfly Queen said...

I thought you were afraid of loan sharks, Tim!

Christine said...

EWWWW! I can't believe you had a lorikeet on your wrist! It sounds like you had a great time. I've always wanted to go there.