Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Family's Disneyland Adventure

My family came down to visit from the Bay Area to take the kids to Disneyland. Apparently Anna had worked really hard in summer school to improve her reading capabilities, and the trip to Disneyland was a way to reward her for her hard efforts.

Dad and John Paul on their first ride of the day: The Parking Lot tram. (08/23/06)

I, of course, was thrilled to have them come and visit (even if Tim was away on business in Phoenix). They came down Monday evening. They purchased two-day park-hopper tickets, and spent the day there Tuesday. I took a day off of work to join them on Wednesday, which was lots of fun.

Anna prepares to board Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes. (08/23/06)

We didn’t do too many adventure rides. Anna, age 7, was too scared (although my Dad did manage to get her on the Haunted Mansion ride). Meanwhile, John Paul, age 2, was the exact opposite. He wasn’t afraid to do anything!

In front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. (08/23/06)

John Paul’s favorite ride was “It’s a Small World,” which we took him on three times. In fact, when we were on our way to the Snow White show, we had to walk past Small World, and when he saw that we were walking past, he started crying. His other favorite attraction was the Redwood Creek Challenge at Disney’s California Adventure, since he was able to run around and wreak havoc.

Anna learns that It's Tough to Be a Bug. (08/23/06)

Anna really enjoyed the Toon Town rides and the Jungle Cruise. We tried to get her to go on Splash Mountain, but she said it was too high. That, and she kept hearing girls scream at the top. We tried telling her that sometimes girls scream, even when they’re not really scared. But she didn’t buy that argument.

It was a fun visit. Hopefully Anna will continue to do well in school so she can come again next year!

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