Saturday, March 11, 2006

Friends, Food and Fun

Our friends Christine, Cassidy and Jean were in town from San Diego, spending the weekend with Eric and Dana. Just to avoid confusion, let me clarify that Eric and Christine are brother and sister and that Jean is their Mom. These were the folks with whom we went on that cruise to Alaska in July 2004 (along with fellow blogger Laura B and a couple of others). Since they were all so nearby, we decided to meet up for dinner and have a mini Alaskan cruise reunion.

Our pals Dana & Eric. (03/11/06)

The location was Table Ten in downtown Fullerton, which is a nice little restaurant district. We were glad to see everyone, especially Jean, who has been battling cancer. In fact when we saw her last August, she was undergoing chemotherapy. Thankfully the treatments have appeared to work, and the doctor says everything is looking good, bless her heart.

And our pals Cassidy & Christine. (03/11/06)

They are really fun to get together with. There is always lots of lewd humor (and lots of laughs). As expected, we had a great time.

And then there's Eric & Christine's hilarious Mom, Jean (hamming it up for the camera). (03/11/06)

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