Saturday, March 18, 2006

New Fridge

In the past couple of months, we began noticing some problems with our refrigerator. A couple of times it leaked water. And there always seemed to be a constant layer of ice in the freezer, no matter how many times we chipped it out. Finally, we started noticing that it was running a lot. And loudly. That made it official. It was time for a new one.

We can't complain. The old one — which Tim had before I was in the picture — provided more than 15 years of service, which isn't bad.

Before. (03/18/06)

Besides, it finally gives us an opportunity to get that brushed-nickel, French door fridge that we've been eyeing for the past couple of years. It cost us some nice scratch, but let's just say thank God for tax refunds! :)

After. (03/18/06)


Anonymous said...

woah! is that the postcard from that gay bar in porto, portugal??

so, when is the new fridge going to be covered up in magnets and postcards? we need proof!


Cousin Anita said...

It's beauteous!

Laura Gonzalez said...

Tres cool....

Anonymous said...

We have that same exact fridge! Don't you absolutley love it.

- Laura Romero