Monday, March 20, 2006

The Amazing Birthday Race

All right. No more dilly dallying. It's time for my ass to simply sit down and finaly write about my unforgettable birthday party. The reason for the delay: there's so much to write about, I don't know where to start! In fact even sorting through the 220 pictures taken that day was challenging.

Let me first begin by saying that Tim really knocked himself out with this one. The theme: Amazing Race, Orange Edition.

The envelope containing our clues. (03/19/06)

Tim played the host, while the rest of us were divided into two teams: Team Maverick and Team Squishy. Team Maverick members included: James, Christine, Jon and Joe. Team Squishy members included: Everett, Tom and Amy. And with nothing nothing more than our IDs and a $20 bill in our pocket, we were off.

First leg: Go to Olde Towne Orange and park. Team Maverick is off to an early lead on this one.

Christine, of Team Maverick, takes a ride around the Orange traffic circle. (03/19/06)

Second leg: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where the team member with the best taste buds had to select a treat for James. Whichever one he bit into first wins the leg. Although Team Maverick made it inside the door first, Amy, of the sneaky Team Squishy, cut in line and asked for a free sample.

Amy, of Team Squishy, had the talented tastebuds needed to complete the second leg of the Amazing Race, Orange Edition. (03/19/06)

Third leg: The Orange Plaza fountain in the middle of the traffic circle. Our task was to take four pictures in front of the fountain. The most creative team wins that leg. Although Team Squishy arrived at the fountain first, Team Maverick got off to a better start on the unique photos thanks to Christine's creative art direction.

Can you figure out what James, Christine and Jon were doing in front of the Orange Plaza fountain? Neither can they. (03/19/06)

Fourth leg: Clue: "Only a princess would tolerate this when finding her prince." Answer: Frog's Breath Cheese Store, where team members had to buy something they think James will enjoy. Team Maverick selected a nice artichoke dip. Team Squishy selected a Mojito Rimmer. Team Squishy maintains their lead!

Amy, and some random couple at the cheese store, pose with the infamous mojito rimmer. (03/19/06)

Fifth Leg: DETOUR ... Write vs. Might.

Team Squishy chose Write, which required that they take an included birthday card around the Plaza and have 20 different people sign it. After stealing a pen from Frog's Breath, they were off, even heading into O'Hara's Pub to find people to sign the card — including the bartender.

Uh-oh ... hope this doesn't turn out like the last time Everett went to O'Hara's Pub. (03/19/06)

Team Maverick, running in second place, made the strategic choice to select Might as an opportunity to pull ahead of Team Squishy. This task required that the teams (1) Form a three-person pyramid in front of Orange City Hall, (2) Take a self portrait at the Metrolink station, (3) Take pictures inside the men's and women's restroom at Rutabegorz restaurant. As it turned out, Might took a LOT longer. Looks like a Team Squishy victory is unavoidable.

Ask for a human pyramid in front of Orange City Hall, and you get a human pyramid in front of Orange City Hall! (03/19/06)

Sixth leg: Leave the Circle and head to The Block at Orange. The clue was "We all lost this years ago". Answer: Virgin Megastore. Once inside, team members had to buy something that screams "James." Team Maverick's Joe selected a guitar chord chart. Team Squishy selected a dirty magazine. Team Squishy wins the leg! :)

James holds up his nifty Guitar Chords poster at Virgin Megastore. (03/19/06)

Seventh leg: Go to Hilo Hattie: The Store of Hawaii, and shop for something for James. Best selection wins the leg. Team Maverick selected paper umbrellas for drinks, while Team Squishy selected li hing mui preserved plums, which were one of the worst things I've ever tasted. Team Maverick wins this leg by a mile.

Christine and Hawaiian Hello Kitty smile at Hilo Hatties. (03/19/06)

Eighth leg: Lights, Camera Action. Atop the AMC movie theater are celebrity photos. Take one picture of each team member posing like the celebrities. This went went to Team Squishy if only for Amy and Tom's recreation of the Gone With the Wind kiss.

Not exactly Scarlett and Rhett, but kudos for trying. (03/19/06)

Final leg: The clue card said "It's the drink you can chew." The answer: boba drinks. With the money we had left over, we were to treat ourselves to boba drinks from James' favorite place to eat before heading back to the pitstop. Team Squishy made it there before we did, even picking up a boba drink for Tim. Unfortunately for them, Team Maverick's mango-flavor boba drink for Tim went further in scoring bonus points than the greenbean boba Team Squishy selected for him.

Rocky, at Tan Hoang Huong Vietnamese restaurant, serves up some mighty mean Boba drinks. (03/19/06)

First team to arrive at the pitstop (James & Tim's house) was Team Squishy, who were victorious over the hard-working but not cut-throat-enough Team Maverick.

A very tired Team Squishy is the first to arrive at the pitstop. Congratulations Squishies! (03/19/06)

While all that was going on, Tim prepared a fabulous turkey dinner with all the amenities — stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, biscuits and a nice selection of wines. The night was concluded with birthday presents and a fantastic cake with rasberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

Although only one team can win the Amazing Race, Orange Edition, I have to admit, Team Maverick did themselves proud. Way to go guys. (03/19/06)

Thanks again Tim for planning such a fantabulous event. It was a birthday I'll never forget!


Ginger said...

What an awesome birthday event! Looks like everyone had an amazing time...hee hee hee...
Happy Belated Birthday, James! :)

Laura Gonzalez said...

Did Tim think this all up hisself or is that some kind of game you can buy? I'm sure you'll think this is a stupid question, but that's ok.

Butterfly Queen said...

Sounds like an absolute blast!! Happy birthday sexy!

Christine said...

Yeah! It's about time you posted these pics. I think that's a birthday we'll all remember for a while!

Anonymous said...

Tim -

This is the best idea EVER! You are my party throwing idol.

<3 you guys!