Sunday, March 05, 2006

One Hella Crunk Oscar Party

Sunday was Tom and Christine's Annual Academy Awards Party — a long-standing tradition since crowding around Tom's tiny TV in our San Francisco State University dorm room back in 1990. In fact, in its 16-year history, we've had a nearly-perfect attendance record. The only time we missed it was five or six years ago, when the awards ceremony coincided with the same weekend Tim had surgery.

We sampled some great nominee-themed food this year. (03/05/2006)
We sampled some great nominee-themed food this year. (03/05/2006)

Personally, I thought the awards program was kind of a snoozer this year (albeit, with some interesting highlights, like Dolly Parton going head-to-head with Three 6 Mafia for Best Song). But the party itself was off the hook!

We had all sorts of yummy treats. (03/05/2006)
We had all sorts of yummy treats. (03/05/2006)

And let's not forget all the good food, which was da bomb. As always, each food item represented one of the nominated films, including:

  • For Munich, MUNCH bars and a blood-strewn, bullet-marked sour-cream chocolate cake with cream-cheese frosting and marzapan Olympic rings (thank Christine for that item).

My favorite item was the
My favorite item was the "blood" stained Olympic cake representing Best Picture nominee "Munich." (03/05/2006)

  • For Crash, a tray of cross-ethnic food representing L.A. culture, including taquitos, egg rolls, pita & hummus, and barbecue potato chips.

  • For Brokeback Mountain, James' Brokeback Baked Beans and Tim's Sausage and Weenie Medley (and for dessert, a few Heath bars for good measure).

  • For King Kong, Monkey Bread, an amazingly addictive buttery cinnamon concoction that simply melted in your mouth (courtesy of Laura and her friend Eva).

    Matt going for thirds. (03/05/2006)
    Matt going for thirds. (03/05/2006)

  • For the red scare-era Good Night, Good Luck, pinko punch, red zingers and red hots.

  • For documentary winner March of the Penguins, iceberg-lettuce salad wedges with dressing.

  • For documentary nominee Murderball, a Murder Cheese Ball with Crackers.

Tim and Eva won for having the least correct predictions. (03/05/2006)
Tim and Eva won for having the least correct predictions. (03/05/2006)


Anonymous said...

James, sounds like you guys had a great time. Happy Belated Birthday brother! Just thought I would holler at ya Bro.

beastandbean said...

Ha! What a leonard!! Man, that grub sounds good right now...especially the CRASH platter. Yum!!