Monday, November 07, 2005

Trip to the Empire State — Sunday

We slept like logs the entire night. And we woke up to my favorite thing in the world: the smell of breakfast cooking. Cindy made us some cheese omelets, turkey bacon and rye toast. She also had a cheese danish, which Grandma Helen and I polished off (she had a really good appetite this morning).

Another day in East Bethany. (11/5/05)

After our showers, we put Grandma Helen in her bedroom for a mid-day nap, while Tim and I helped Aunt Cindy shampoo her carpets. And it was perfect timing since Bubba, who must have ate something he didn’t agree with, yakked on the carpet.

Then we got a surprise visit from Tim’s Aunt Joyce (not to be confused with Joycie the nurse) and her husband Uncle Ronnie. Coincidentally, it was also their 40th wedding anniversary. They had even brought their wedding album to show Grandma Helen, although I think I got the most enjoyment out of it (I always love wedding pictures, but looking at the 1965 fashions made them even more interesting).

Tim's Uncle Ronny and Aunt Joyce as they appeared on November 6, 1965.

Tim's Uncle Ronny and Aunt Joyce as they appeared on November 6, 2005.

After a while, Tim’s cousin (Joyce & Ronnie’s daughter) Debbie came by with her husband Troy and two kids, which was lots of fun. We ordered some pizza and hot wings and made a party out of it. It was really fun. I think even Tim’s grandmother really enjoyed all the activity in the house.

Tim's cousin Debbie with husband Troy and two kids Shane (left) and Nathan (right). (11/06/05)

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Butterfly Queen said...

Please tell Uncle Ron and Aunt Joyce that they do not at all look like they could be married 40 years, unless they were ten when they tied the knot! That's so cool...