Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tim Goes to the Big Apple

One of our recurring dilemmas is our vacation time. Because I've always changed jobs every couple of years, I seldom get the chance to earn more than two weeks of paid vacation time. Because Tim has worked for his employer for 16 years, he gets four weeks of paid vacation time. So after we were in upstate New York, I flew back to California to head back to work while Tim flew into NYC to spend a few days with our friends Michelangelo ("Miche" for short) and Yaakov.

Tim, somewhere in Manhattan, with the Chrysler building in the background. (11/10/05)

I haven't written about them in the blog since we don't see them much, although Tim talks to Miche on the phone at least a couple of times a month. They've been friends about 10 years now ... in fact Tim has known Miche longer than he's known me.

Although he's lived in Manhattan for years and years and years, Miche is originally from Italia (which explains his thick accent). And he's TALL. At least six five. In fact the first time I met Miche, when I was still in my L.A. apartment, Miche had to duck to get in the door!

Tim snapped this picture of Miche in Washington Square Park. (11/10/05)

Miche makes his living as an author and book seller. He's written biographies of actors Montgomery Clift and Vivien Leigh, but his bread and butter is through his book business, which deals mainly in selling first editions to collectors.

About four years ago, Miche met Yaakov, a Ph.D-bound student-teacher at NYU. Although a resident of Manhattan, Yaakov is a native Israeli. He and Miche hit it off right away and now live together.

Tim threw himself in the line of danger to get this picture of Yaakov, Miche's partner, who was protesting something at NYU where he is a Ph.D-bound student-teacher. (11/09/05)

Tim was supposed to write in the blog about all the fun stuff he did in NYC, but you know how that went. :) So at the very least I thought I'd write about it and post a couple of his pics.

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Anonymous said...

"... but his bread and butter is through his book business, which deals mainly in selling first editions to collectors."

woo-hoo ... just had flashbacks to the movie, "Unfaithful!"

Cute couple!

Cousin Anita