Thursday, November 17, 2005

An Homage to Canadian Cuisine

Okay, I realize this is pure blog filler at its best. But for some reason, Canadian food has been popping up in our lives recently, whether it's something that we ate or something on TV that reminded us about it. So here are three examples of Canadian food that rocks:

We picked up this curious food item in Canada for just 99 Canadian cents at a drug store in Montreal. We had never seen beans with maple syrup before. And maple syrup is a big thing in Canada. Even their flag has a maple leaf. We finally opened them up tonight. I loved them. Tim didn't. But that just means there were more for me! I wish we had bought more of those beans. (11/17/05)

Ah the Poutine: French fries, covered with fresh cheese curds and gravy. A few days ago famous Canadiette Shania Twain was on Martha Stewart's daytime show and they made this dish. I wish I had seen it (Tom told me about it). It may look like a mess (which is literally what poutine means in French), but it was damn good. (09/29/05)

With nearly 2,500 restaurants across Canada, you can hardly go anywhere without seeing Tim Hortons. It's a fresh baked goods restaurant where you can get donuts and sandwiches. Although we didn't actually go there during our Canada trip (since we only ate at places we couldn't afford), we finally had the chance to try their fantastic donuts at one of their 250 U.S. locations when we were in New York. (11/07/05)

Way to go, Canada!

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