Sunday, November 20, 2005

Desert Adventure — Saturday

We had an early Thanksgiving with Tim's mom and dad and grandmother in that undisclosed location in the Southwest. Since it's only a four-hour drive (at the speeds Tim drives, anyway) we left at the crack of dawn Saturday and only stayed the one night.

Tim's parents' dog Pudgy may look big and tough, but he's actually a big kid. (11/19/05)

We didn't do anything too exciting, skipping the casinos this time around. We mostly hung around the house, played Skip-Bo and had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner Saturday evening. Tim's mom and Dad were doing really well. They just got part-time jobs at the local Sam's Club, which had opened a mere 17 days earlier, and it seems they both really like working again.

Tim's Mom, Dad, Grandma and Mr. Mischief himself take a moment from the game to smile for the camera. (11/19/05)

Tim's grandma Jean was doing well for the most part. She was still a little under the weather from a rash that she had been fighting. But her doctor gave her a good ointment which appeared to be working.

You got to watch out for these two. Tim and his grandmother are notorious cheaters when it comes to card games. (11/19/05)

Although we didn't go to the casinos, I did do at least some gambling by buying a Star Wars scratcher. But the force wasn't with me because it turned out to be a dud.

Here's my $3 Star Wars Return of the Jedi scratcher. The dark side won and kept me from winning $10,000. (11/19/05)


Grumpy said...

I obviously didn't toss you out soon enough yoiu got the picture!!!! Hoe was your trip north?

amyandjon said...

jon and i love sonic. it's the drinks that make it so special. forget about the dipping sauce and the lame burgers. the watermelon or lemon lime or grape or cherry- lemon slushies make it icy hot. you can even mix your own yummy decoction with all the sassy flavors at your disposal. do not diss the Sonic! by the way, where are the acu-pics? I can't wait to see you all needled up! did i tell you i am thinking of using some of those pictures in my ads? of course, you'll have to sign model releases. are you sorry you requested comments now ? O:)