Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The OC's Newest Resident

Today I learned that Tim and I are going to have a new neighbor: Marshmallow, the National Turkey, who will be living out the rest of its natural life at Disneyland — a mere 7.5 miles away from the Tim and James house.

Orange County's newest resident: Marshmallow, the freshly-pardoned National Turkey. (11/22/05)

Apparently every November, the president is presented with the National Thanksgiving Turkey — and promptly issues it a formal pardon, sparing it from the White House Thanksgiving dinner table. But unlike the turkeys reprieved over the past 15 years, Marshmallow will not be sent to live out its final days at Frying Pan Park, an animal farm in the Washington DC suburbs. Instead, this afternoon, Marshmallow flew to Disneyland on United Flight 197 to LAX. First class, no less.

"From one turkey to another, you are hereby pardoned." (11/22/05)

On Thanksgiving Day, the 37-pound, 18-week-old turkey will be honored as a grand marshal of Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day Parade, after which it will live out its days at Santa's Reindeer Ranch in Frontierland.

I would go see the parade, but our annual passes expired last month and we decided to take a year off before signing up again. Hopefully Marshmallow won't mind the wait.

By the way, does anyone else besides me think it would be funny if one of these years the president didn't pardon the National Turkey? Just once I'd like to see the president say, "Nope, let's eat this one!" :)

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Butterfly Queen said...

You know what gets me is that one turkey is pardoned while his siblings are being slaughtered by the White House chef. It'd be one thing if the President was vegetarian, but apparently he doesn't mind eating the clueless birdies...