Sunday, November 06, 2005

Trip to the Empire State — Saturday

After picking up our rental car at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, our first mission was breakfast. After flying the entire night, we were starving.

The good ole Bob Evans restaurant, where they serve up some fantastic biscuits and gravy. (11/05/05)

We decided to find something in Buffalo, since the area where we were headed was pretty rural. We ended up at a place called Bob Evans, which even had a sign bragging about how good its breakfasts were. Tim got strawberry-stuffed french toast with a side of scrambled eggs and sausage links. I had two eggs (over easy), Canadian bacon, potatoes, and two biscuits and gravy.

After stuffing ourselves, we headed out to East Bethany, New York, where Tim’s grandmother is currently living with Tim’s Aunt Cindy. The first one to welcome us was Cindy’s dog Bubba, who saw our car at the end of the very, very long driveway.

Aunt Cindy's house in East Bethany, where Tim's Grandma Helen currently lives. (11/05/05)

Grandma Helen was awake and in her chair when we walked in. She actually seemed a lot better off than we had anticipated. That was a big relief, especially for Tim. She has some paralysis on her left side, but she hears, speaks and interacts well.

Once we settled in, and Tim’s Aunt Cindy felt comfortable that Grandma Helen was in good hands, she left to attend to some business. Somewhere along the line, all three of us fell asleep only to be woken up by Joycie, an in-home nurse that lives next door. Although Joycie has a habit of speaking a little bit on the loud side (probably due to the fact that she works mainly with geriatric patients), she does seem like a breath of fresh air. She’s very nice, and especially good to Tim’s grandmother.

At night we made some turkey and stuffing for dinner. Shortly after Aunt Cindy came home. We watched TV for a while (Iron Chef America) then headed to bed shortly after, where we fell asleep to the soothing sound of her fish tank, which totally relaxed us.

Aunt Cindy's pond fish, with whom we shared a bedroom. She had brought them in for the winter. (11/07/05).

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Butterfly Queen said...

OMG - I miss Bob Evans!! That was one of the best parts of living in Upstate NY.