Friday, October 14, 2005

A Picture's Incredible Journey — Part 2

In A Picture's Incredible Journey you read about how my picture showed up in one of the photo collages at Disneyland. The only sad thing about that story was that they never used any pictures of Tim. Well that is no longer the case!

We had received notice from Disneyland that they posted some new collage photos at various locations in the park, including one of Lady and the Tramp that contained four pictures of Tim. Now I'm jealous! :)

Here is the Lady and the Tramp collage as it appears from several feet away. (10/14/05)

If you look just below and to the left of Lady's tag, you'll find a picture of Tim as he's trying on a Tigger costume in one of the Disneyland stores in 2002. (main 10/13/05 — inset 9/29/02)

About a foot above Lady's head, you'll find a picture of Tim posing with Minnie Mouse. (main 10/14/05 — inset 12/20/01)

Just fractions of an inch above Lady's head, you'll find a picture of Tim with our friends Christine, Justin and Tom. (main 10/14/05 — inset 12/16/00)

Even I showed up in the Lady and the Tramp picture. Just to the left of the waiter's arm (just below the armband), there's a picture of me posing with Mr. Toad. It's the same picture that appeared in The Mr. Incredible collage. (main 10/14/05 — inset 05/07/00)


Natalie said...

That is really cool! If you go back to Dizzyland, you have to check out a photo of Dylan and me that my friend Dwight entered.

Photo: "Dylan and Natalie at Passholder preview of Disney's California Adventure"
Collage: Steamboat Willie
Location: Next to Disney Collection
Position: Row 12, Column 9, Bottom left quadrant

I have no idea what the pic looks like, but we're happy we're up there! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i wish i knew we could enter photos. i would have loved to be a part of history there.

Cindy Schwarz said...

I am so jealous!!! How did you guys get so lucky to be made a part of Disney history???? Did you guys sign up somewhere??? Camille and I love looking at the collages!!! Her favorite is the Little Mermaid!! We have annual passports how come we weren't notified :-(???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting my pic up there. It's cool to be part of something like that! Thanks for doing all the work.


Loren said...

Okay, I'm so jealous. I would so love to go to Disneyland during its 50th Anniversary year.