Sunday, October 23, 2005

Amy Hits the Big 3-5

Saturday night we went out on the town to celebrate Amy's 35th birthday. First stop: El Conquistador, one of our favorite restaurants in LA. The food is great, but let's not kid ourselves. The real reason we go there is they make some sick margaritas! Seriously, you drink one and you're practically staggering out the door. The other thing I love is the blended molcajete salsa, which they only bring out on request, so if you're ever there, be sure to ask for it.

Jon and Sabrina squeeze in to help Amy celebrate her 35th birthday. (10/22/05)

Joining us was one of Amy's good friends Sabrina — and later on, after the restauant, another couple whose names I don't know how to spell, so I won't even attempt it.

Here's a picture of Tim and I after two of El Conquistador's killer margaritas. (10/22/05)

Afterwards we headed to Anthem at MJ's where we spent the next two hours taking kamikaze shots and dancing to the DJ's tribal mix. That was a lot of fun. Then afterwards we closed the night with a cheesy drag show at this total dive called Silverlake Lounge. It was fun!

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The Big 3-5 said...

Whew! It's been a wild ride! I'm exhausted after 35 years of being me. But, let me just say, I was more exhausted after a blue margarita from El Conquistador, a couple kamikazeez from MJs, and a couple hours of dancin to the hottest techno out there. You boys really know how to boogie. Thanks! (and the other couple are Luriko and Thomas)