Saturday, October 29, 2005

Everyone Has a Little Villain on the Inside

Okay, you know that game that Tim is addicted to? City of Heroes? Well the makers of City of Heroes just released the sequel: City of Villains. Last night at midnight, they kicked off this new version (for people who pre-ordered; new people have to wait until the 31st). Naturally, we wanted to get in on the action. Just thought you might enjoy reading about our newest characters.

Tim's first villain, Anubis-X, is what they call a Mastermind. Masterminds are perhaps the most complex archetype to play, because much of their powers originate from the various henchmen he can summon to their side, such as the living dead, a band of ninjas or several mechanized monstrosities. This adds an extra layer of complexity, since the game player must simultaneously control the character and the minions he commands.

Mastermind Anubis-X has been resurrected from ancient Egypt to terrorize the new City of Villains. (10/29/05)

Anubis-X's powers were selected by Tim, however, the physical appearance and costume is an original James creation. Consisting of a headress, simple pants and wrapped wristbands and boots, Anubis-X's main color is brown. That's what Brown can do for you!

Say hello to my little friend! El Destructo, James' first villain, is what they call a Brute. Brutes live to fight and revel in hand-to-hand combat. With a strong offensive power set to inflict pain and impressive defenses to take it, El Destructo is the best there is in a straight melee fight. Protracted battles only make El Destructo mad, and the madder he gets, the more damaging his attacks become.

The street-tough, trash-talkin' El Destructo is ready to get in anyone's face. Look out City of Villains! (10/29/05)

El Destructo is an original James creation from top to bottom. He wears a simple wife-beater tank-top tee shirt to show off his sleeve tatts, a simple studded belt, pinstripe slacks and brown workboots. This is one tough homey!

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Loren said...

I like the way that you described El Destructo in the gayest way possible. Tatts? LOL!