Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Vacation in Quebec — Day 6

On Day 6, we headed back to Montreal where we went to the Tour Olympique (Olympic Tower).

Built in the mid '80s above the stadium used in the 1976 Summer Olympics, the Tour Olympique is the world's largest inclined tower, rising 575 feet above Montreal. To get to the top, you take a cable car that lifts you along the outside of the tower. Because of the underground parking, we couldn't get a good distant photo, so instead I got this photo of a scale model they have inside. (9/29/05)

As we took the cable car up, Doris got a great shot of the Olympic Village, the pyramid-shaped buildings where Olympic athletes lived during the 1976 games. Today they are apartment buildings (a one bedroom apartment runs $820 a month Canadian). (9/29/05)

Jenn, Doris and Tim check out the great view of downtown Montreal from atop the Olympic Tower. (9/29/05)

As you look out, you can see downtown Montreal in the distance. (9/29/05)

Underneath the tower is the Centre Aquatique, where all the aquatic events were held during the '76 games. The pool in the foreground is where USA's Greg Louganis (then 16 years old), the most successful male diver in Olympic history, won his first Olympic medal ... the silver in the 10m platform diving event. (9/29/05)

Doris, Tim and Jenn check out the excitement of the swimming lessons taking place in the Olympic pool. The place was dead that day, probably due to the rain. (9/29/05)

After our day at the Olympic Park, we got some food at St. Hubert, a restaurant chain that is about as common in Quebec as Starbucks is in the USA. As soon as you sit down, they bring you a big bowl of cole slaw free of charge. Cole slaw connoisseur Tim said it was the best cole slaw he's ever had. (9/29/05)

While at St. Hubert, I was finally able to get a poutine, a Quebecois original dish that consists of french fries smothered in gravy and fresh cheese curds. It was really good!!! (9/29/05)

Back at the hotel, I snapped this picture from our balcony on our last night in Quebec. That night Doris, Jenn, Tim and I got together to drink a bottle of port and play card games. (9/29/05)

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