Sunday, October 02, 2005

Vacation in Quebec — Day 2

Well, we're back from our trip. And although I didn't have as much time to blog from the road as I would have hoped, I plan on catching up today. Rather than write a lot of narrative, however, I'm going to do the lazy version of blogging and simply post photos and captions. At least then I'll be back up to speed more quickly.

Tim, on his actual birthday, waits in our hotel lobby before heading out to explore Montreal. (09/25/05)

St. George's Anglican Church, just outside the Bonaventure metro station where we caught our ride to the Parc de Mont Royal. Built in 1870, its double hammer-beam roof is one of the largest of its type in the world. (09/25/05)

Jenn, Tim and Doris as we wait for the #11 bus to take us to the peak of Mont Royal. (09/25/05)

View of downtown Montreal from the chateau atop Mont Royal. (09/25/05)

Jenn and Doris pose in front of the Montreal skyline. (09/25/05)

After spending the morning at the Parc de Mont Royal, we stopped at a little sandwich shop for a snack. While there we had a candy bar that I had never before seen: Kit Kat Chunky, which is kind of like one big Kit Kat, instead of four to the package. I swear, Kit Kat must be the national candy bar of Canada, because they also have Peanut Butter Kit Kats, Caramel Kit Kats, Kit Kat Dark, Vanilla Kit Kat, Strawberry Kit Kat, etc. (09/25/05)

After getting food, we decided to do a little shopping. These sunglasses — a birthday gift from Doris and Jenn — were what Tim selected. (09/25/05)

While there, I also had them make a custom shirt as a souvenir of this trip. Here Michele, the friendly store clerk we met, holds it up for a picture. (09/25/05)

On our way to dinner in vieux Montreal, we passed the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal, which opened in 1829. The tower on the right hand side, at 228 feet high, holds Le Gros Bourdon, the largest bell in North America, weighing over 12 tons. This is also where Celine Dion got married. (09/25/05)

Jenn, Doris, Tim and I celebrate Tim's birthday at Bonaparte french restaurant just blocks away from the Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal. (09/25/05)


Butterfly Queen said...

You always teach me stuff when I read your blog... that's way cool!

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us up to date on the trip. very cool pics. can't wait to see the album or should i say disc, when i see you all next.

Amy said... flamer...yummy...g-pride. i can't decide who i'd rather do. probably best since neither would do a woman. most of the cute ones...even for the other team. oye! and, congrats tim on getting 4 pics in the disney lady and the tramp collage. some unknown disney employee must have a little crush on you!