Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Vacation in Quebec — Day 5

On this, our fifth day in Quebec, we decided to check out the Montmorency waterfalls, which were literally a 10-minute drive outside of downtown Quebec City.

At 27 stories tall, Montmorency Falls is 100-feet higher than Niagara Falls. The falls were simply gorgeous! (9/28/05)

Here they are from one of the lookouts ... as you can see they have a pedestrian bridge that spans the waterfall. (9/28/05)

Now that we're up at the top of the waterfalls, here's the stairwell down! (9/28/05)

James and Tim pose in front of the waterfall at the top of the stairwell. You may not be able to tell, but Tim, who is afraid of heights, was terrified. Mad props to him for making it through the experience! (9/28/05)

After the climb down those million stairs, we took a cable car back up to the top where we had lunch at the Manoir Montmorency just behind Doris and Jenn. Built as the summer home of the Governor in 1780, the building also served as the home of Queen Victoria's father, Prince Edward, from 1791 to 1794. It ultimately burned down, and what stands there today is a re-creation. (9/28/05)

The view from the Manoir Montmorency restaurant! (9/28/05)

Afterward we explored the city of Montmorency where we saw this interesting looking church with a gold statue of Jesus on top. (9/28/05)

While on the hunt for a liquor store, we found the nearby PFK. To the best of our French language knowledge, we think it stands for Poulet Fritte Kentucky. (09/28/05)

Later that evening, we went shopping in downtown Quebec City where I snapped this shot of the Basilique de Notre Dame de Quebec, the oldest parish in North America dating back to 1647, although the building that stands there today was built in 1922. (9/28/05)

Afterward we bought some Cuban cigars at J.E. Giguere Tabac, which was a stone's throw from the basilica. Our resident Cuban cigar expert Doris gives the selection a careful inspection. (9/28/05)

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