Saturday, June 25, 2005

Weekend in San Ramon: Day Two

On our second full day in San Ramon, we had planned to go into San Francisco to take our roommate Joe sightseeing, since he had never really been to the city other than driving through once a few years back. As it turned out, it was the same weekend as the S.F. Pride celebration, although we didn't really plan it that way (it just turned out to be the best weekend for us to go North due to Joe's vacation days).

Because it was Pride weekend, we opted to use public transportation. So we drove to the Lafayette BART station and took BART to the city. As it turned out, we were really there at the wrong day and time. There wasn't very much going on at all, other than opera singers, bad poetry readings, martial arts demonstrations and not-so-great garage bands (and to think that En Vogue and 3rd Eye Blind were performing the next day). One highlight were the cheerleading teams, which were very entertaining.

The cheerleading teams entertained the crowds in front of San Francisco City Hall. (06/25/05)

But we did have somewhat of a celebrity sighting: Lynn and Alex from Season 7 of my favorite reality show, The Amazing Race! We had just met up with our friend Keith who was in town for corporate training that week and came in a day early to go to Pride. We were leaving Civic Center when Tim saw them walking in. He pointed them out and said to me "Amazing Race." And sure enough, there they were, walking and smoking.

Sorry, I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get a picture. I thought for a second of walking up and saying something about how much I enjoyed them on The Amazing Race, but then I had the vision of how dorky I would look doing so, which made me decide against it.

At that point, Keith, Joe, Tim and I walked over to Powell and had a late lunch at Lori's Diner. Tim and I were pretty wiped by then, so we headed back to San Ramon while Joe and Keith took the cable car up to Fisherman's Wharf. Although we told my dad and Malena we would be back in time for dinner at 7:00, we encouraged Joe to stay in the city with Keith for the rest of the day, and we would just pick him up at the Dublin BART station later that night.

Anna painted this nice picture of me and her dancing. (06/05)

Back in San Ramon, Malena and my Dad made my favorite meal: Turkey and stuffing. Supposedly my older brother Robert was supposed to show up, but he ended up cancelling for some reason or another. We had a good time nonetheless, and my dad and I had a good chance to catch up.

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Loren Javier said...

I was in San Luis Obispo over Pride weekend. So, I realize, even if you did tell me you were here, I wouldn't have been home. :o)