Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One Breakaway Show

Tonight after work I went to see the phenomenal Kelly Clarkson, America's original American Idol. She was playing at the San Diego County Fairgrounds in Del Mar, which is only about 12 miles south of my office in Carlsbad.

Kelly Clarkson, shown here at another concert in a picture taken by another photographer. (2005)

This would be my third time seeing Kelly. The first time was during the American Idols 2002 summer tour. I saw her again two years later during the 2004 "Independence" tour with Clay Aiken. So third time is the charm, right? :)

I left right after work at 6:00 thinking I'd get there in plenty of time for her 7:30 show. It was only 12 miles away, and that should be plenty of time, right?


I seriously underestimated the traffic going into the fair at that time.

By the time I got to Del Mar, parked in timbuktu and walked into the fairgrounds gate, it was 7:30 on the dot. But I still had to walk clear on the other side of the fairgrounds property.

But who actually starts concerts on time, I foolishly wondered. Then suddenly I could hear the crowd in the audience go wild.

I ended up getting in at about 12 minutes after she started, and missed "Miss Independence." But even still, the rest of the show was so good, it was worth all the effort.

Kelly Clarkson, in a photo I took with my lame camera phone. I outlined her in red for clarity. (06/29/05)

Kelly heated things up singing a mixture of songs from her albums, the 2004 "Breakaway," and the 2003 "Thankful," and even mixed in a cover of the Rascal Flatts' "Moving On" and Annie Lennox's "Why." The crowd was singing along with every word with such hits as "Behind These Hazel Eyes," "Since U Been Gone" and "Breakaway".

The only thing that disappointed me was that she didn't sing either of her American Idol singles, "Before Your Love," or "A Moment Like This." Although I love Kelly's new rock sound, I must admit I still have a penchant for those syrupy pop ballads. :)

Oh well. Tim and I have tickets to see her again in Irvine in September. We'll be sure to get there early!


Loren Javier said...

And, woo hoo! Just a little over a month until American Idol mania in San jose!

Butterfly Queen said...

gotta love her!