Sunday, June 05, 2005

Roman Holiday

Yesterday our friend Roman came to visit us on the tail end of a two-week trip to California. We've known Roman for about six years. When we first met, he lived out in the desert near Palm Springs. He has since moved a couple of times, first to the Bay Area, which cut back on his visits. Then he moved to Boston and haven't seen him in person since ... until this trip.

Roman, Tim, Everett and I enjoy a game of Phase 10, as Simon sniffs around for crumbs. (06/04/05)

Because Roman is a Southern California native, he didn't really need to do any major sightseeing, so we just kept things low key. Drinks and appetizers at the Citrus City Grille near the Orange Plaza (Everett joined us later). While there we kept seeing groups of people come by, flip off the restaurant sign and take a picture. Finally curiosity got the best of us and Tim asked one of the groups what the story was. Turned out to be some sort of crazy scavenger hunt.

After lunch we got some goodies at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and then browsed for antiques at this really cool architectural salvage place. Afterward we got together at the house to play cards, and we ended up spending the rest of the night playing video games and watching Fight Club.

Today we had lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant (there are no good Vietnamese places in Boston, says Roman) and went shopping at Ikea before Roman had to leave to catch his flight. Although short, it was nice seeing Roman again.


Loren Javier said...

That's the one great thing about going back to a place you once lived -- you can spend time with people rather than looking at objects. That's how I feel about Los Angeles.

Laura Gonzalez said...

Hey, you three look alike! Tim looks like the odd whiteboy with no facial hair. he he.

Anonymous said...

it was really nice seeing you guys after such a long time!

when are you guys heading out to boston?