Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tim Pays a Visit to the Doctor

We originally planned to spend the weekend with Tim's family in the desert, but we postponed due to a not-so-pleasant stomach ailment that Tim has been dealing with. He wasn't feeling very well all day yesterday, but decided to wait until morning before deciding whether or not to postpone our trip.

Our doctor's office is in this building. (06/18/05)

So when he woke up this morning feeling just as crummy as before, we decided to cancel the trip to the desert and schedule a trip to the doctor. To make a long story short, the doctor thinks Tim might have an intestinal infection. So for the next week Tim will be on a regimen of antibiotics, antispasmotics and a very bland diet. But Doc says it's nothing to be too concerned about and that he should be feeling better in a couple of days.


Loren Javier said...

Oh, so sorry to hear Tim is not feeling well. Sending electronic good vibes his way...

Laura Gonzalez said...

Hope you're doing better, TIm!