Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Goodbye Old Sofa and Chair

Remember the new giant sofa we got in April? (See the Blog entry on 4/13/05 in the archives). Well we finally got rid of the old sofa and matching chair and ottoman after two months of taking up space in our garage.

Farewell sofa and chair. It's been nice owning ya! (06/14/05)

In our initial delusions of grandeur, we thought we might be able to sell the set and help defray the costs of the new sofa (even if only a little). So we placed an ad in the Pennysaver classifieds more than a month ago. And would you believe we never got a single phone call?

We reassembled our sad-looking furniture set on the driveway for a farewell photo. (05/10/05)

Fortunately the local St. Vincent de Paul society was more than willing to take it off our hands. So now some poor family will get a new furniture set, and Tim will get his old parking spot back.

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Loren Javier said...

Why do I somehow picture you saying good-bye to your couches with Babs singing "The Way We Were" in the background?

Memories...from the corner of my mind...misty water colored memories...of the way we were...