Friday, June 24, 2005

Weekend in San Ramon: Day One

We were still feeling the 5.5-hour drive the night before when we woke up Friday morning. We didn't do a lot in the morning other than spend time with my family, particularly my little sister Anna (age 6) and little brother JP (age 1). As is typical when we visit, they were shy at first (it must have been too long since we last saw them in early February), but 15 minutes later they were their old selves again.

From left, John Paul, Dad and Anna. (06/24/05)

After breakfast, Tim, Joe and I took Anna, Rafa (Malena's nephew, age 12, visiting from Mexico) and Simon on a walk to the park nearby. Afterward, we took them to lunch at McDonald's and then to the movies. We saw Madagascar, which was just okay.

Three big kids at the park: Tim, Anna and Rafa. (06/24/05)

Afterward we came back and had chicken mole dinner and fresh-baked brownies for dessert. Afterward we opened presents (birthday presents for JP, Anna and Malena, each of whom had birthdays since our last visit, and a father's day present for my dad). As usual, JP had more fun with the tissue paper and boxes than he did with the stuffed animal, book and Mickey Mouse t-shirt we gave him.

JP and his new toy that he cast aside in favor of the box moments later. (06/24/05)

It wasn't a terribly exciting day, but since our primary goal was to spend time with the family, it was perfect.

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Loren Javier said...

What?!?!? You were in San Ramon and didn't tell me?!!? You bastich!

Just kidding.

Actually, if it makes you feel any better, I'll be in Irvine this weekend. I wanted to see if I we could have coffee or something, but my trip is being cut short by two days and, sadly, I don't have time to see any of my friends. Damn!