Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ryan & Laura's Post-Christmas Dinner Party

We were invited to a post-Christmas dinner party by Ryan and Laura. We hadn't been there since the time we helped them move in about two-and-a-half years before. What a change it was since the last time were were there!

Linda and Tim at Ryan & Laura's dinner party. (12/27/2007)
Linda and Tim at Ryan & Laura's dinner party. (12/27/2007)

No longer was it painted in storybook colors, as the previous owner had it. Their home is now decorated in these rich, earthy tones. You could almost describe it as Zen-like. It was simply beautiful, and very much Ryan and Laura.

Ryan making salad!
Ryan makes the salad. (12/27/2007)

Tom and Christine were there as well, as well as Tom's mom Linda who was visiting for the holidays from North Carolina. It was great seeing Linda again, since we don't see her very often. She always cracks us up.

Ryan and Laura's 20-lb. cat Pecos made a rare appearance. (12/27/2007)
Ryan and Laura's 20-lb. cat Pecos made a rare appearance. (12/27/2007)

The food was amazing. First course was an onion soup that was amazing. For the main course we had tri-tip beef, roasted potatoes with fresh chives, perfectly-cooked green beans and a fresh salad. For dessert, we had bread pudding topped with your choice of whipped cream or crème fraîche.

James, Laura & Mom play Taboo!
James, Laura & Mom play Taboo. (12/27/2007)

Afterward we played several rounds of Taboo, the electronic version. So fun! Thanks Ryan and Laura for hosting such a great night!


TIM said...

That was a great night indeed. Great food and drink and perfect company. We need to do this more!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that soup was so awesome...I think Laura outdid the onion soup at Ryan's old haunt THE HAMBURGER HAMLET with that stuff. And as you know, James, from eating buckets of that HAMLET soup with me over the years, that is really saying something!!

I just hope they invite us all back for brunch when they tackle the infamous "Eggs Sardou"! Yum!!

Doris said...

What a GREAT picture of Pecos!