Saturday, July 16, 2005

The James & Tim Moving Company

Today we helped our friends Ryan and Laura move from their apartment in Hollywood into their new condo in Glendale (both of which were on the second floor). It was exhausting! It didn't help that moving day fell on one of the hottest days of the summer. But it was also fun — at least we kept ourselves entertained.

Tim, Laura, James, Ryan and Tom smile after loading the third and final truckload. (07/16/05)

Ryan and Laura have lived in the same Hollywood apartment building for at least 11 years, as far as we can tell. But this is the first home they've owned, which is really cool. So we were happy to be part of their transition from renters to homeowners.

Ryan and Laura's new building in Glendale. (07/16/05)

Their new home is really cute. It has lots of character. And a really nice veranda that's perfect for barbecuing. I could definitely see us up there sometime barbecuing and sipping mojitos! :) Or maybe we'll get pizza from the same place where they ordered it today ... it was the best vegetable pizza any of us has ever had!

Of course every time I think of Glendale, I remember actor/comedian Taylor Negron's famous line about growing up in Glendale. "Glendale is so boring, that it made Burbank seem like Berlin in the 30s!" The section of Glendale where Ryan and Laura live, however, is really cute. It's what I imagine LA being like in the 1950s.

Tim looks out from their veranda while Ryan and Tom take a breather from the bin they're carrying. (07/16/05)

BTW, for any of you other local friends reading this that are considering moving in the near future, don't get any bright ideas. This may be the last time we help anyone move — we're too old for it! Next time we'll just make a contribution towards a movers fund and just help you decorate instead! :)

Congratulations Laura and Ryan on your new crib!


Anonymous said...

Instead of contributing to the movers fund for your friends, you can just hire Tim out as a moving consultant! I never knew what an efficiency expert he is when it comes to loading the moving truck.

Both Ryan and I consider ourselves VERY fortunate that we had everyone's help that weekend.

Oh, and Glendale has at least one "happening" nightlife spot according to the LA Times:,0,1702736.story?coll=cl-nightlife-features

It is not The Alcove or Fred 62, but the "Dale" has the best Whole Foods West of Austin!

- Laura (and Ryan)

Loren Javier said...

Considering your last entry was about Disneyland, I had Disneyland on my mind. So, when I saw the picture of Laura and Ryan's new place, I thought it was the Haunted Mansion. Totally no offense...but, if you look at it, doesn't it look like it? Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

I never thought about it, but our condo building does have the same colonial feel as the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. If only we had the cool doom buggy to ride around in.
- Laura