Friday, July 15, 2005

Happiest Dinner and Fireworks on Earth

Tonight after work Tim and I headed to Disneyland for dinner and to see the new fireworks show (which Tim hadn't seen yet).

My favorite meal anywhere in the Disneyland Resort: The Newport Nicoise salad. (07/15/05)

First stop: Disney's California Adventure for my favorite meal anywhere at the Disneyland Resort: The Newport Nicoise salad at the Pacific Wharf Bakery. It's a fantastic combination of tuna, new potatoes, green beans, tomatoes and kalamata olives over a bed of lettuce served in a freshly-baked sourdough bread bowl.

That's my favorite, anyway. Tim always gets the clam chowder in the bread bowl. (Incidentally, did you know that the word chowder comes from the French word chaudron, which means "cauldron"? I learned that in a fascinating book I'm reading ... more on that another day).

Fireworks soar above Sleeping Beauty's Castle. (07/15/05)

Afterward, we headed across the way to Disneyland park to watch the new fireworks show: "Remember ... Dreams Come True." This new fireworks display is a spectacular celebration honoring 50 golden years and is simply fantastic. The picture simply does not do it justice.

Afterward, we tried to ride Space Mountain, which just re-opened after being renovated for the last three years. Emphasis on the word "tried." When we saw that the wait was 190 minutes (yes, you read that correctly ... 190 minutes, which for the math-challenged out there is over three hours), we decided to try again another day.


Laura Gonzalez said...

Geez, it seems like everytime I turn around you're at Disneyland. Well, I guess you can be, when you live that close and have season passes!

TIM said...

The scarey part was the wait for Space Mountain was over 3 hours yet the park closed in 2 hours. Wonder how they figured that one out...


Loren Javier said...

Again, JEALOUS! But, one day, I'm plotting my return to So Cal where I will, once again, have a season pass!